Giving Up Cable TV

Posted by mindy on 14 September, 2014
Category General

Some time ago I made the decision and contacted Cable One to cancel the TV portion of my cable service. Since then I've contemplated what I'm actually giving up. Most of the shows that I watch on cable networks are available on DVD. That is, they are old seasons of the shows. So now, instead of watching because the shows just happen to be on- it'll be a deliberate decision and on my time.

So what am I giving up? The primary ones are:

Law & Order SVU
Criminal Minds - now on Netflix (9 seasons)
Ancient Aliens

There are a few other shows but really it's not worth $45 a month. For this amount, I could buy 1 maybe 2 seasons per month on DVD; depending on the show. It'll be worth it; especially since there will be NO commercials!

Besides- TV time tends to rob from writing time. And the writing needs to be my priority. So having the DVDs will give me that flexibility in my schedule.

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