Questions for the Cats

Posted by mindy on 18 December, 2013
Category The Kitties

Today I found a piece of plastic wrapping in the cat's food dish. I'm assuming that it's from one of the Little Debbie treats I bought this month. I knew who the culprit was. So, I went into the bedroom and looked to Sunshine, who is lounging on the bed and asked- in a manner very much like Jack O'Neill from Stargate SG-1.

"Why do you keep putting things in your food dish?"

She just looked at me. And as I turned and left the room- the Jack O'Neill inspired line came out of me. "This and other questions shall go unanswered by the felines of this house."

My thanks to Richard Dean Anderson for portraying such an influential character.


Posted by mindy on 17 November, 2012
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Nieca - 'Bug'

Posted by mindy on 16 November, 2012
Category The Kitties

Nieca is an Alpha cat- and she likes to get in to things- hence the nickname.


My Best Gal Sunshine

Posted by mindy on 02 August, 2012
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