Writing vs. Social-Networking

Posted by mindy on 09 January, 2014
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This is a no-brainer!

After years of struggling to find a balance without success it has come time to make a sacrifice. I understand the positive aspects of social-networking. BUT- and this is a BIG BUT- it can get in the way of things that must be done.

This is not a slight against anyone I know. It is a decision that affects me in both a personal and professional nature. The fact is- there is not enough time to both write and social-network. Something has got to give. And that something is the social-networking.

My reason is simple- I need to spend time with my writing. If I don't then the novels will not get written. This means that people who do like my work won't be able to read them. So, as the subtitle of this post says: This is a no-brainer!

I will be stopping by both Facebook and Twitter to 'check-in' when I take breaks from the writing. So, I'm not cutting anyone out- I'm prioritizing.

1. The novels
2. The fan-fiction and literary RPG.
3. Everything else and that's a lot of sorting out.

It's 2014 and for me it's the year of the writer, of the break-in novel.

The neighbors slamming doors be damned!
Social-Networking be damned!

I must write!
I need to write!
I have to write!

Comments to Feeling the Pressure

Posted by mindy on 19 September, 2013
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Here are some comments I wanted to preserve from Facebook regarding this topic.

Edited to add Comments:

Wind Jammers I've alphaed and betaed a lot of stories over the years. I put my notes in the document in two ways. Grammar and punctuation corrections are in red. Any ideas or questions I have are in blue, and the blue ones can be completely ignored. A lot of times, it's the first thought that pops in my head on the first read. For instance, there's a sentence that makes a comment and ends with 'again.' My blue comment might be "this says 'again.' When did it happen first?" if it wasn't mentioned in the story before. The thing is that it's up to the writer to decide what goes in the novel. Having other people ask questions about plot, flow or even wording lets the writer know what some readers could be thinking. Whenever someone betas my stories, I like to know if what I've written flows from the previous scene and into the next one and I don't write things faster than the story is revealing them. Since writers 'see' the story in their head, it's so easy to take certain things for granted such as description or exposition. (I do that) The writer knows it, and an assumption sometimes forms that the reader will know it but there's no way they can.

Mindy Dyksterhouse Jammers, those are the types of things that I need, look for, and seriously appreciate from my crew. The pressure I'm feeling is from people telling me things like 'you have to have a character of 'this' type', "you won't get published if you don't have 'this' in your story", I've tried to explain without some one interpreting my position as being "anti-this or that".

Those who truly know me know that I am a social deviant because I just don't cow-toe to the demands that "society" pushes on us. And yet I don't want to insult people. Disappointment is one thing but I don't want to be offensive.

I don't use F-bombs because I find the word offensive, I don't use sex scenes because I feel that they're not necessary to make a good story. I believe that you can create a good romance without it. They are also extremely intimate moments. And there is something to be said for allusion.

A writer on a convention panel gave me some advice once that I adhere to. He said "Never write about anything that makes you blush."

Wind Jammers One of my big rules is that you have to have characters that ultimately make sense within the framework of the story. No one needs characters of 'this' type to get a story written. If that was the case, then every story out there would be the same.

Mindy Dyksterhouse I'm with you on this one Jammers, sadly though, there are others who don't. And they are the ones who are persistent. I made a blog post today that should help- hopefully.


Characters in Concrete I

Posted by mindy on 18 September, 2013
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After much debate with others I've come to a decision. Some people will be pleased and some will be disappointed. I have decided that I am no longer taking recommendations to change, add to, or adjust certain characters. They are as I see them being- 'set in stone' / 'concrete'.
Some of the suggestions have been applied or integrated into the characters but not all of them. While I'm not going to list which ones will be used vs. rejected- if you would like to know the choice for your idea please e-mail me or send me a note on Facebook.
For those who will be disappointed please be considerate of my decision. This had to be done in order to move forward.
Thank you to everyone for the contributions.

The Characters in Concrete are:

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, and Falcon

I will keep you all apprised of the others as they develop.

Feeling the Pressure

Posted by mindy on 15 September, 2013
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Here's the situation- several people have suggested that I make changes or apply certain attributes to my novels. While I appreciate the advice, interest, and some of the suggestions- I'm not going to use them all. Some people think that this makes me narrow-minded. I simply disagree with some of the ideas and changes. If I were to make these changes and or additions would the book still be mine? My friends say yes, of course it would be. I'm not so sure though. If it's my novel then shouldn't these decisions be mine rather than what others think?

I would like to hear from my 'crew' on this. Y'all know who you are and have my e-mail address/es.

Suggestions are one thing and I do appreciate them but it feels like I'm getting a lot of peer pressure to make these changes / additions- with an emphasis on 'it feels like'.

Music While I Write

Posted by mindy on 08 November, 2011
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A fellow writer once asked me 'what do you listen to when you write?'
Admittedly, I was stumped by the question because I didn't listen to music. I used to but had stop some years ago. I have no clue why.

I took some time to think about it. And then I posed this question to some of my friends. As writers themselves I was curious about what their responses would be. They gave me a list that has a wide range of musicians and bands. One of my buds listens to heavy metal.

Based on their responses and encouragement I gave music another shot. Now, I can finally answer my friendís question. I think he might be surprised by some of the selections; the others- not so much.

My current list is brief. Itís a start though.

Bryan Adams
Duran Duran
Fernando Ortega

The list begins with a clip from Captain Power, followed by the Colonial Anthem from Battlestar Galactica.

I plan to add more music as finances allow.