Writing Goals Ė August 2012

Posted by mindy on 17 August, 2012
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For those who are interesting in knowing- this is where Iím at with my writing goals for the rest of the year.

Finish the current edits of The Zodiac Chronicles. I am currently on ĎPhase II Rnd 2í. My goal is to have this done by August 27. This will complete the deletion of unusable characters. From here Iíll move on to the remaining Ďunusable contentí. Most of this material distracts or diverts away from the main theme of the story. There are other parts that serve no purpose or is just plain silly. The last round of this phase is to pull content and reserve it for future sequels.

Some one has told me that he thinks I should dump this project and move on to a new one. I remind myself that this is some one who has an opinion. And itís one that I disagree with. If I gave up every time some one told me to I would not be where I am today.

Granted, I could be better and there have been struggles. Over all though, despite the naysayers, I think that Iím doing better than people expected.

I believe that the key is and has been to consider the source. After all- some one who says ďyou need to give up your dream of college and go to work for fast foodĒ doesnít seem like some one who is supportive. Add in the facts that she didnít go after her own dreams- and she just comes off as a jealous saboteur.

The questions I have had to ask myself are:

Whose life is this?
Is the dream worth the sacrifice?

Itís my life and I do believe the dream is worth it. Whether itís my college education, novels, getting out of debt, or my progress in Toastmasters- ITíS WORTH IT!