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Posted by mindy on 08 July, 2011
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Originally posted on 7-1-2011

Today is Friday which means that itís blog day for me. Itís also the first of the month which means that itís time for ĎA Month in Summaryí. This seems to be a favorite among my friends. Since it is officially the middle of the year, and this is a new blog, Iíll be summarizing the passed 6 months. Iíll keep it brief.

This year started with new expectations, plans, and hope. Some have come through, others have faltered, and some have proven true. It has not been so much of a year in achievements as it has been in balance and contentment. I have learned so much through realization and reality checks.

Iím not trying to be deliberately vague. After all how do you describe the colors of a sunset when youíre struck in awe of the site? For me itís not easy to convey such things like this. Iím better with lists. Forget the details when itís easier to jot down a quick list.

For those who like knowing by lists- hereís mine for the last six months. Iíll start with the big one even though it happened in December 2010.

1. Both Sunshine and Nieca were taken to the vet Ė they were fixed and declawed. While they have calmed down the draw back is that Nieca has become LAZY. Iím willing to bet sheís around 15 pounds now.

2. My 2010 debt pay-off goal was $ 3,000. I topped out with $ 4,106 and some change.

3. My 2011 debt pay-off is another $ 3,000. As of Julyís budget Iíve reached the halfway mark with $ 1,506 and some change.

Thank you to Larry N. for the copy of Dave Ramseyís book ĎThe Total Money Makeoverí. I have something in mind to return the favor.

By all estimations- barring any new debts- I should have the current ones paid in full over the 29 months. Iím hoping that this will include the balance on my credit cards. At the current amount of $ 5,752 (sans the cards and loans) this averages out to $ 200 a month.

As most know, Iíve been working on this endeavor since 2007. Since then, I have paid off a combined total of $ 15,801 and some change. Itís both mind-blowing and exhausting but worth it. Has it been worth putting off my education? The jury is still out on this one.

4. The writing was and remains a problem. Every year I set the goal for 50,000 words. My word count for 2010 was 10,461. While I have been working on my novels the progress has been in reviewing, comparing, and deleting the plethora of redundant copies. If I need to I can refer to my collection of discs. I still burn copies of my novels and other writings every few months incase something happens.

Over all though, I have been taking stock of my life these passed 6 months. In some aspects there hasnít been much progress. In others there has been an abundance of it. The writing is a prime example. Out of the 8 stories that I planned to work on this year I have worked on 2. Between them I have achieved 2,828 new words. As I said the most progress has been with the comparing and deleting of duplicate files. To which the lesson has been learned- when using file transfer programs be careful with the upload and download options. As true as is with better safe than sorry- there is such a thing as having too many copies. It can be overwhelming.

5. To those who have urged for the sake of my soul, I have chosen Beth Mooreís teachings for my Bible study. She comes highly recommended by the ladies of my Sunday morning study group. My thanks go to Phyllis P. I didnít know who Beth Moore was until your class.

And last but not least- # 6. My health- Living with PCOS is a day to day deal much like diabetes is. I have learned that a cookbook for Diabetes can work as well for those of us with PCOS. As for going to the gym- itís not for me. I think that Iím going to save my money and buy a stationary bike and some stuff to use at home.

See you next Friday

- Mindy

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